Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Edmonton Rush to Wear Twitter Handles on Back of Jerseys

By Josh Bourhis

A few days ago the Edmonton Rush announced that they are going to follow in the footsteps of the Philadelphia Wings and have their players wear jerseys with their twitter handles on the back. They will be the first Canadian team to do so, which is a step in the right direction. The NLL is a league that needs to use social media to build the game; however, it's too soon after the Wings did it.

According to a picture on the Rush website the jerseys will be their regular white home jerseys with their "@username" on the back, just like the picture above. What is surprising is they didn't decide to go with a unique design. This was a chance for the Rush to get creative, and instead they just decided to only change the namebars. We can only hope that the picture below is just an example and they actually do have a special jersey design. There is also no word on if they will auction off the jerseys. The auctioning off of special jerseys is a great way to give fans a chance to get a unique item, and to put the money toward a good cause.

Not so Classy
The problem with the Rush doing this on Friday is now they look like they are just trying to copy the Wings, and it won't be as big of an event as it could have been. They should have waited until next season, and got every team in the league to wear them over a weekend of games.  After something unique is done, you should wait a long time before trying to do it again, or else it really isn't unique any more.

I'm sure the reason why they decided to do this is because they are on Sportsnet this weekend. They wanted to make a statement, and it may just flop. If you want to make an statement on national TV, then get both of the teams to do it. The next problem is the NLL doesn't even have it on their main page! This is big news and the NLL is sweeping it under the carpet up to this point because... This is going to sound redundant, but its because the Wings have already done it!!

This is an idea that has promise, but is just being executed at the wrong time. Hopefully in the offseason the NLL will try to do something social media related that will get all of the teams involved.

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