Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NLL Attendance Numbers Part 1: Buffalo Colorado

By Josh Bourhis

After doing spreadsheet after spreadsheet, going through every attendance for every team since 2005 I have decided I want to discuss possible reasons for why certain teams generate certain attendances. For the next 5 weeks I will be bringing you short quick hits including graphs and exact numbers of Team Attendances of every current team for every year they have been active since 2005.

**Note:The 2012 attendances for all of the 5 articles will be shown with attendance figures as of the March 24,25,26 weekend so the league average will not fluctuate week to week.

Today we start with the first two teams: Buffalo and Colorado. These teams are not the ones of concern which is why I will start with them. From 2003-2008 Colorado had a winning record almost every one of those years and won the champions cup in 2006. This is the reason fans have consistently been coming to the games. What is really amazing is the Mammoth since the 2007 season have been getting more fans then the Avalanche, their NHL team. Buffalo, from 2003- 2011 have been consistently competitive, with a championship in 2008 and second place twice.

See the graph for Buffalo and Colorado after the jump

The graph for Colorado and Buffalo's attendance since 2005 compared with the league average attendance:

A Graph. Wow! Magnificent!

These teams have nothing to worry about since they are well over the league average for attendance. They have a strong core fan base which doesn't fluctuate much when their team loses. The only reason why Buffalo's attendance dropped a lot this year is because they are having one of their worst seasons. Colorado is virtually the same. They have dropped about 3000 fans in the last 3 years because of their record. They still get 15 000 fans to a game though. Colorado's attendance will rise more and more this season as they continue their successes. They will also get more fans towards the end of the season if the Avalanche don't make the playoffs.

Another reason why these teams attract and keep many fans is because of their ticket prices. Majority of people who go to their first ever lacrosse game get hooked, but if it is their first game they won't want to spend a lot of money to go just in case they don't like it. In Colorado you can go see a game for 5 dollars! I don't think there is a sports fan out there that wouldn't want to go see a professional sport for 5 dollars. Buffalo's ticket prices are also cheap, but in a different way. Their most expensive ticket is 35 dollars. Compared to some of the other teams we will look at in the coming weeks this is a great deal. Sitting in the best seats in the house for 35 dollars, compared to not even being able to go to an NHL game in Buffalo with that much money makes it that much easier to attract and keep fans.

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  1. However, I would like to note that even with a price hike for Sabres games, they are still among the cheapest in the league