Monday, March 19, 2012


The NLL trade deadline is tomorrow and we here at the NLL Blog are giving it as much hype as the fine fellows at TSN do for the NHL trade deadline! Well maybe close.

So Far:
On Monday, the eve of the deadline, a surprising move was made by the Free-falling Rock who traded away a 2014 first round pick for Calgary back-up goaltender, and Orangeville native Nick Rose. The Rock then released Matt Roik who was the first goalie not named Bob Watson to be the definitive starter for Toronto.

Roik gave up 7 goals on 11 shots against the Bandits on route to their 3rd strait loss and Rock GM Terry Sanderson felt they needed to make a move to shake things up. Roik ended up the scapegoat. Has he been great for Toronto? Not at all. He currently has the ninth best Save percentage among goaltenders that have played at least 100 minutes. He also hasn't been the reason for every loss so far as different areas of the team have been inconsistent at other points so far this season. I personally think it is a lateral move if anything, knowing that Rose is still unproven, and the rest of the team are still working with injuries and inconsistency.

The other moves that were made Monday were the signings of Chris Schiller to the Philadelphia Wings and Ben Prepchuck to the Edmonton Rush practice roster.

Last Year:
Last season the Colorado Mammoth squeaked into the playoffs after winning a best of three regular season series against the Edmonton Rush. For most of the season the Mammoth were having one like the current editions of the Rush and Stealth. After the deadline, Colorado gained steam and made it out respectable, which is about the right word for it. (Better than less embarrassing.)

This was mostly due to two big trades that brought back Gavin Prout, ending the curse named after him, and Joel Dalgarno who was huge down the stretch.

This Year:
The Rock, Rush, and Stealth could use a boost similar to the one Colorado got. I could see taking a risk with one of their offensive players to shake things up further, and of course Paul Rabil is still holding out and tomorrow is the final day for a trade to be made.

The Brodie Merrill trade from the Summer is getting diminished by the trade and Edmonton needs to get something for him so it does not seem like a waste. When you trade one of the best lacrosse players in the world, you take a risk, and if they can't get a player that will show up, you lose.

It's ironic that one of the major issues the Rush are having is the non-existent transition game, and they have one of the best players for the task on their roster, refusing to report. It would be great for the team to trade him for another transition player like the trade that was almost put through that would have brought Jeremy Thompson to Edmonton, but the holdout has taken away a lot of leverage that Derek Keenan would have possessed.

Big trades or not, the Hype-O-Matic will have lots of buzz and rumors throughout that day, and you can't hide from it. The Hype-O-Matic lives in us all.

Merry Trade Day to all!!

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