Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brandon Francis Suspended A Semi-Appropriate Amount Of Games

Bandits forward Brandon Francis has been suspended for 3 games after an incident that occurred on Saturday night in a game against the Edmonton Rush. He received 2 games for cross checking Edmonton's Jimmy Quinlan in the face, and another for having 3 misconducts on the year. The play takes place in the corner of the video a few seconds in.

Quinlan was talking to John Tavares, and Francis decided that the best way to intervene was to deliver a nice check to the head.  Chris Corbeil wins team player of the game for going up against Francis, a guy much larger than him. It's not about winning the fight, but about standing up for your teammate. 

Gold Star, but not for the mustache.
Although it took a while to get a decision from the league, the right suspension length was delivered. I would have liked to see 3 on the hit along with the automatic game because of the multiple misconducts, but I can't be too picky. Good on ya NLL! It was a vicious, cowardly, and unnecessary hit that the game has no room for.

Francis will miss the rest of the regular season, as well a a playoff game if the Bandits make the playoffs. If the don't, then it will carry over to the next season. He was also fined a undisclosed amount of money.

Although this may be a bummer for Francis, I have trouble believing the Bandits are going to miss him that much. His job is becoming obsolete and one has to wonder is he has a place in the league at all. (Probably not.) (I mean he only has 3 goals all season.) (Really.)

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