Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NLL Attendance Part 3: San Jose Washington

By Josh Bourhis

Today's edition of NLL Attendances is a little bit different, as it features only a single team, divided into two cities. It's the Washington Stealth, formerly known as the San Jose Stealth. The reason why I combined them is the Washington Stealth have not been around long enough to show considerable data, and the attendances are almost exact in the two cities.

 **Note: The 2012 attendances for all of the 5 articles will be shown with attendance figures as of the March 24,25,26 weekend so the league average will not fluctuate week to week.

View the Graph after the jump:

The Attendance graph for San Jose/Washington compared to the league average:

The biggest thing I can draw from this is lacrosse is not well known or big enough on the US west coast. Whether it was San Jose or Washington the low attendance cannot be blamed for poor play as both teams combined have only ever missed the playoffs twice. Since they have moved to Washington they have made the champions cup the last two seasons. 

Dan Shirley, guest writer for the NLL Blog lives in Washington and had this to say: "Lacrosse isn't big in Washington. There's only a few schools that have teams and those that do are only club ones since Washington doesn't recognize lacrosse as a varsity sport." 

When I asked Dan about marketing issues he said, "There's very little advertising. With the games being up in Everett, Seattle doesn't really cover it on the news. When Washington won the championship there was only a little paragraph in the paper. No TV contract and a lack of lacrosse players in Washington strongly contributes to low attendances."

He also added that it would be tough to have the team in Seattle because the stadium usage rights would cost too much, however they would get more publicity.

Thanks to Dan Shirley and keep looking out for Part 4 of 5 in the mini series.

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