Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cody Jamieson and His Establishment in the NLL

By Josh Bourhis

From an NLL standpoint, Cody Jamieson is at the top of the world. He scored 85 points this year, 32 more than last year, and averaged 5.7 points per game. He also just led his team, the Rochester Knighthawks to their first NLL title since 2007, winning the game MVP trophy in the process. What makes it an even more incredible feat? He's only 24 and this is only his second year in the NLL.

Cody began his lacrosse career in Six Nations, Ontario which couldn't be a better place to play lacrosse. The only thing with playing there is there is such a large talent pool, you have to be exceptional to get noticed, and that he did. He won four consecutive league championships playing Junior A and one Minto cup where he took home the MVP trophy too. 340 goals and 646 points was what he finished Junior A with. 

He didn't stop there.

Jamieson first attended Onondaga Community College and tallied 121 points in 18 games in his rookie season and helped the team capture 2 National Championships. After transferring to Syracuse he was unable to play until the latter half of the 2009 season. In only a short amount of games he still managed to have an impact. He scored the game winning goal in overtime to win them the championship! That would be what one would call "clutch". He now plays for the Hamilton Nationals of the MLL during the summer months. Last year he tallied 26 points in 12 games. One would say he is really good at field lacrosse. Example: This video of him scoring against Johns Hopkins while he was in Syracuse:

What boggles me is the hate he has received from fans on forums. He has been targeted ever since he received the honour of wearing the number "22" on Syracuse. For those that don't know "22" was worn by the likes of Gary Gait and the Powell brothers. The dude is incredible, why the hate?

Cody is full of firsts now that he's in the NLL. He was the first overall pick in the 2010 NLL entry draft. He was first on his team in points this year. He made the all star game his first 2 years in the league. His team finished first in the league this year, and he signed the longest contract in NLL history, a whopping 10 years, making it the "first" one of its kind. 

He also has his own Bobblehead!
Cody Jamieson is quickly carving himself a niche in the NLL, one that features ankle breaking cuts to the inside, and a solid outside shot. If you aren't on the Cody Jamieson bandwagon, you better get your ticket quick before you miss out on all of the action.

You can also follow him on twitter here: @CJamieson88


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