Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rush Rout Roughnecks In Playoffs for the Second Time

Photo: Mike Drew, Calgary Sun
There is always that Cinderella story in the playoffs. Whether it is a whole team or a single player, every sport has one, and on this weekend, it's the Edmonton Rush and Aaron Bold as they eliminated the Calgary Roughnecks in a 19-11 blow out. This came as a surprise considering Calgary was the top team in the league heading into the playoffs and had beaten the Rush eight consecutive times. The last time the Rush beat Calgary was the last time they met in the playoffs in 2010.

The story tonight was a complete team effort as the Rush finally looked like they have all facets of their game working together. 

The thing they were missing for most of the year came out to play tonight: Their offense. Ryan Ward scored 11 points and Corey Small chipped in with 8 to lead the charge for the Rush. They had outstanding off ball movement tonight which allowed for 59 shots to come from everywhere on the floor.

On the other side, Calgary's scoring was led by Dane Dobbie, who notched 7 points.

The game was dominated by Edmonton as they finally had Calgary's offense figured out, playing solid man to man tonight. Oh and that Aaron Bold guy? Yeah he did good too. 

The game was hard fought and clean until the end of the fourth quarter when a couple of late goals caused Calgary to let their emotions get the best of them. This included Jeff Cornwall being chased by Dobbie and receiving a number of unwarranted punches by Dobbie, along with Zack Greer scoring a cheeky late goal to make it 19-11 and starting a scuffle by the boards.

At the end of the day it was a one sided affair, one that the Roughnecks will not forget about for a long time to come.

The Rush move on to play the Minnesota Swarm in Minnesota next Saturday

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