Sunday, December 30, 2012

9 Teams In 9 Days: Colorado Mammoth

Last year it was John Grant Jr. who lead the Mammoth to a home playoff date, scoring 116 points and capturing the MVP honor. The question now is will he be able to do it again? Will others step up instead? Or will the 2012 season show as a blip on the radar for the Mammoth who had their first winning season since 2008?

There is no doubt that Colorado is an offensively driven team as they lead the league is scoring with 217 goals, which is good because they also allowed the third most.

This has little to do with Chris Levis who put a decent .758 save percentage while facing the most shots of any goaltender.

If Colorado is going to be a powerful team this year, they are going to have to avoid offensive regression. It wouldn't be fair to expect Grant to put up those kind of numbers back to back years. Although he has put up more than 100 points four times now, it would be more realistic to expect 85-95 points, which is still nothing to scoff at. Gavin Prout, Rookie Of The Year, Adam Jones, and Sean Pollock also put up good totals, but I could have gotten a few points myself playing with Grant last year, not to make little of their accomplishments. I see the offense slowing down a tad, but not enough to really make a huge difference in the standings.

The defense sees additions in the form of Richard Morgan who was acquired from the Swarm, and a healthy Mac Allen who only played 3 games last year due to a knee injury sustained playing Summer lacrosse in Peterborough. Allen is one of the games top defenders and will be a leader on the back end.

Some familiar faces that left training camp without roster spots include Jamie Shewchuck and Alex Gajic.

The West will be extremely competitive this season and the Mammoth will compete for the top spot...just like everyone else.

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