Thursday, February 21, 2013

John Grant Jr Is A Magic Man

By Avry Lewis-McDougall

One of the NLL's best is at it again, and he's joined the craze of making trick shot videos.

Colorado's John Grant Jr made a trick shot video that he recorded with team GM Steve Govett and well let's just say it's something that could blow the wispy hair off of Donald Trump's head, check it out....

 After I watched it for the first time these thoughts were running through my head....

-The skeet shooting with the frisbees, I bet John could do with one arm tied behind his back.

-Even with a helmet I wouldn't let JGJ fire a ball at my cranium...Govitt is all kinds of wild.

-Scoring from the stands and press box is actually Jr showing off a new rule addition that will come into play in the 2014 season...I can't wait!

-Shooting pucks while playing lacrosse is pure overdose of Canadiana I was shocked I didn't explode into a pile of maple syrup and Bryan Adams CD's while watching it.

- The camera didn't capture everyone fleeing from the falling banner which would have covered the entire state of Colorado if this happened at Mile High Stadium.

-If I tried to fire a ball through the camera lens hole I'd smash the glass and be forced to repair it for some unknown reason.

It's a fantastic video and a great way for the Mammoth and the NLL as a whole to get some mainstream exposure in the sports world, who knows maybe some other players across the league could challenge him and do trick shot videos of their own.

Lastly, with the distance that John got from tossing his stick into the stands he instantly became Peyton Manning's backup on the Broncos.

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